Just as we do with our friends

We are volunteers, all inhabitants of Boulogne-Billancourt, all members of the International Association of Greeters. They want to reveal “their Boulogne” to visitors, as they would do with friends.

We are not interpreters or guides, nor qualified speakers , but people with a natural curiosity, fascinated by the wealth of our city, who can speak several languages, and want to meet and welcome foreign guests.

During the walk, the “greeter” will be with you through the streets of a neighbourhood he loves, for its rich past, for its architecture as well as for its markets, cafés, artisans or artists…

That extra your greeter can offer you:

He or she will share his or her experiences and anecdotes, and tell you about their favorite places, and of course will be happy to answer questions to help you better appreciate Boulogne and Paris area.

We do hope you will pass an unforgettable moment in our company which will remain a nice souvenir.

All our walks are done under conditions edicted in our Greeters Charter. Click here


Contact-us at Paris-Boulogne

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